Pictures worth a thousand words

As you can see from these images, sent to Pied Type by reader ImaLibertarian, some pictures need no words. Refresh your browser page to rearrange the pictures. Click on any image to enter slideshow mode. Within the slideshow, you can add comments on individual images or click at the lower right for a full size view of that image. Click escape to leave the slideshow.

My personal favorites here are the child smiling at the caterpillar, the tree climbers, the cat peeking through the blinds at the dog, the little boy accepting the flag from the Marine, and the old man holding the baby.

Photo sources unknown

Categories: Culture, Photography

5 replies

  1. That’s one powerful set of images PT. My favorites are the cat peeking through the blinds at the dog, the lady in the wheelchair with the horse, the soldier on his knees hugging his wife (?), and the baby on the floor with the big furry puppy.

  2. What an uplifting set of images, PT. Quite restores your faith in human nature. Thank you.

  3. Great presentation, Pied! You took a mundane collection of impressive photographs and made them into an attractive inspiration for reflection and commentary. Kudos!

    • Thanks to you for supplying the pictures. The arrangement is actually a WordPress function. Just load in all your pictures and this is what comes out. Not often that I have enough related pics to do this.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

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