CNN program buries Lance Armstrong

7 thoughts on “CNN program buries Lance Armstrong”

  1. You know what is weird – how often this happens.

    Completely unrelated, but I read a news story recently (I think in Time or Newsweek) about the former BBC newscaster Jimmy Savile. He supposedly got away with some horrendous activity for his entire career.

    It got me thinking about why we get taken in by these characters. How do they get away with what they get away with? I guess we are all too trusting. Or, rather, we want to believe the story. So much so, we’ll forgive (or forget) anything.

    1. I’ve always been too trusting. I’ve always wanted the fairy tale, the storybook ending, the hero on a pedestal. I set myself up for disappointments like Armstrong. On the flip side, the thing I can least tolerate in others is lying. Especially when someone lies to me. When it happens, I’m unlikely to forgive or forget.

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