Denver: Have you seen these birds?

This is Peanut.

This is Peanut, a Sun Conure. Isn’t he beautiful? Apparently someone else thought so too. He and his feathered housemates Yellow and Green, sibling Gold Cap/Jenday hybrids, were stolen recently in the Denver area. I know it’s a long shot that someone else in Denver might read this and might have seen these birds, but I thought I’d post this anyway, just in case.

The birds’ owner entrusted them to a pet boarding service and now the birds are gone. The owner suspects they were taken with the intent of selling them. Please refer to her ad on Denver Craigslist for more information.

Besides being a pet owner myself and feeling a great deal of empathy for anyone who has lost a pet, I’ve now got a sort of vested interest in this story. Pandionna, one of my readers in New York, is a bird owner herself and she saw this item on Craigslist. She alerted me, asking if I could help. When I checked the URL, the ad was not there. Instead, there was a message saying “This posting has been flagged for removal.”

I told Pandi the ad wasn’t visible here, although oddly, she could still see it from New York. So she contacted Peanuts’ owner and told her what had happened. The owner had been unaware the ad got flagged and whatever the procedure involved (I know absolutely nothing about Craigslist), she put it back up. Now all three of us suspect the person who stole the birds might well be the person who flagged the ad.

Anyway, if you’re in the Denver area (and even if you aren’t), and you think you might have seen these birds, please contact the owner via the information in her Craigslist ad.

I know nothing about pet birds or Craigslist. But I know what it’s like to be a pet owner and to sometimes have to trust others to care for those pets. I cannot imagine having that trust betrayed and those pets stolen. However slim the chances, I have my fingers crossed for this fellow Coloradan and pet lover.

Siblings Yellow and Green

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  1. Thank you!!! I am the “fellow Coloradan and pet lover”, so I deeply appreciate your taking the time to add to the visibility by posting here. Peanut is a girl, and Yellow and Green are a boy and girl respectively (brother and sister who cannot be separated. I am heartbroken, and as my post on Craigs List explains, I never “gave” my birds to this woman although that’s what’s she’ claiming. I figured I’d post on CL since that’s where she sold my birds (!!!) and hopefully someone somewhere might know something. The Gabriel Foundation here in Denver has also posted my story, so we’ll see. Thanks to everyone who sees this and keeps their eyes and ears open! Peace.

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