Black Friday discounting illegal in Oklahoma

5 thoughts on “Black Friday discounting illegal in Oklahoma”

  1. Don’t EVEN get me started PT. While I applaud Oklahoma for its efforts, the problem is far too large for such a narrowly focused law to even leave a scratch. The markets are crammed full of predators who manipulate both the prices we pay and stupid “consumers” who just can’t seem to distinguish between what they want and what they actually need. Hell, the issue is so confusing and complicated that I’ve never even been able to adequately describe it, let alone learn to live with it. But I do know that, after grinding my teeth in anger for the first 11 months of the year, the escalation that starts on Black Friday is why I hate the “holiday season” so much.

    And the way people simply acknowledge the insanity without screaming for change actually makes me angrier than anything else. Just check out this video Metousiosis posted:

    As funny as that is, I’m still left wishing we could just jump right to New Year’s Day right after Thanksgiving dinner! 😡

    Sorry for the rant… 😳

  2. Too bad all the states won’t do that. And the Peanuts vid is funny! I love how Snoopy was going the opposite way on the escalators. Just like he would do in the originals.

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