This is December?

15 thoughts on “This is December?”

  1. C’mon PT, you know darn well that global warming is a liberal, commie-pinko, tree-hugger plot to fool everybody. This temperature rise is nothing more than the approaching apocalypse. Or end times. Or, as you say, the Mayan-predicted end of the universe. Or not. 😆 🙄

    1. Love this video! (Or loved it after I got past the “fork in the road” remark and instant images of Yogi Berra) Gore has always been right about this. I think one reason my son and other intelligent people reject his ideas is their knee-jerk reaction to his being a Democrat. They reject the message along with the messenger. But political partisanship doesn’t change the facts.

      “Algorithms”? … groan … 🙄 😆

      1. I ran across that one while grabbing the one with Morgan Freeman. I actually didn’t know what to think when Al Gore first started talking about the issue, but I sure knew what those “knee-jerk” attempts to smear both him and his message implied. Been there, done that!

        As for the “Algorithms” thing, could that be a funny twist on the old “AlGore robot” thing and the “auto tuning” sound effects used in this video? 😆

  2. Nothing’s changed in the pacific northwest. Same old rain. Started hitting hard lately. Streets are actually flooding. I guess SOMEONE should have elevated the road over the SWAMP. Detour takes ten extra minutes. This morning, I got stuck in a squall and had zero visibility on the freeway. You know how fun that is? I got my adrenaline fix for the day.

    1. If you could just push that stuff this way … but a local meteorologist last night explained that it takes an El Nino or La Nina year to drive snow across Colorado, and this winter we have neither. 🙁

      My sympathy on the low vis driving. That’s something that I really hate; it stresses me out terribly and gives me a colossal headache. On a freeway, it flat out terrifies me.

      1. Don’t know. I’m just about to go buy myself a monster truck that gets 4 mpg. And on the way, I’m tossing all my plastic and styrofoam in the Rio Grande. Oh, and the dirty oil from my oil change. I’ll send pix of my new guzzler in a bit.

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