This is December?

Holy cow! My outdoor thermometer says 69°!! (Oops, up to 70° while I was writing.) It’s December 2 and this is Denver, Colorado. Where’s the snow? Where’s the cold? Maybe the Mayans were right …

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  1. C’mon PT, you know darn well that global warming is a liberal, commie-pinko, tree-hugger plot to fool everybody. This temperature rise is nothing more than the approaching apocalypse. Or end times. Or, as you say, the Mayan-predicted end of the universe. Or not. 😆 🙄

  2. Wow PT, you guys have even topped the 68 degrees we’re supposed to get tomorrow. As our friend SpongeBob might say. “I’m squared!” 😆

    As for Jim’s “liberal, commie-pinko, tree-hugger plot to fool everybody,” here’s a little ditty from the guy the climate change deniers love to hate the most: 😀

    • Love this video! (Or loved it after I got past the “fork in the road” remark and instant images of Yogi Berra) Gore has always been right about this. I think one reason my son and other intelligent people reject his ideas is their knee-jerk reaction to his being a Democrat. They reject the message along with the messenger. But political partisanship doesn’t change the facts.

      “Algorithms”? … groan … 🙄 😆

  3. Nothing’s changed in the pacific northwest. Same old rain. Started hitting hard lately. Streets are actually flooding. I guess SOMEONE should have elevated the road over the SWAMP. Detour takes ten extra minutes. This morning, I got stuck in a squall and had zero visibility on the freeway. You know how fun that is? I got my adrenaline fix for the day.

    • If you could just push that stuff this way … but a local meteorologist last night explained that it takes an El Nino or La Nina year to drive snow across Colorado, and this winter we have neither. 😦

      My sympathy on the low vis driving. That’s something that I really hate; it stresses me out terribly and gives me a colossal headache. On a freeway, it flat out terrifies me.

  4. There’s no climate change. Not at all…..

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

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