Not your average cotton candy (video)

Cotton candy at the state fair was never like this. Watch what this man does:

Categories: Culture, International, video content

7 replies

  1. Amazing! There is little limit to human ingenuity. Reminds me of another example of Asian ingenuity, one which, having seen it, I just had to teach myself. I will attempt to embed it, but if the embed doesn’t take, I will include a link too:


    • I’ve watched the shirt folding before and for the life of me don’t see how it works. I guess I need to get out a shirt and try it for myself. I throw all my shirts on hangers in the laundry room, so never have a chance to practice this.

      (I fixed the video embed. WordPress has “advanced” to where you no longer need the bracketed format. Just drop in the naked URL on a line by itself and voila!)

  2. Wow, that is just TOO cool PT! 😀

  3. Cool!!! Makes my teeth ache thinking of all that sugar. And that t-shirt folding vid… awesome, but I just don’t quite see how she did that.

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