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Fern Lake Fire cooling under new snowfall

The Fern Lake Fire still burns or smolders in Rocky Mountain National Park near the town of Estes Park, but recent snows are cramping its style, as had been hoped. Here’s a look at the Bear Lake parking area recently and they seem to have plenty of snow there. Bear Lake is several miles south of Fern Lake and I think there’s a goodly amount of rough ridge between. Still, they are relatively close as the crow (and snow) flies. This is the kind of snow needed to douse the fire, and they are talking about maybe getting another foot or two tonight and tomorrow. Let’s hope so.


    • They’ve said almost from the beginning that because of the inaccessibly steep terrain, drought, deadfall, and beetle kill, only snow would kill this fire. Looks like they are finally getting what they need.

    • I saw one report saying they got at least a foot of snow up there this week but aren’t calling the fire “out” until they get a couple of guys in there to check some specific spots.

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” ― Isaac Asimov

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