Insanity is contagious

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      1. Easy enough to say here, in a comment, but I simply ran out of gas (and motivation) when I attempted to go into detail for a post of my own… 😕

    1. That’s a reasoned response and I’m glad to see they are including defense methods that don’t involve guns. The people here and across the country who react by running out and buying more guns, especially assault rifles, are the ones who scare me.

    2. I totally get where you are coming from, Ima. It represents a plan to deal with the present reality, which is that there are so many guns in our society that the only practical solution is to fight the increasing number of armed crazies by arming everyone else. This state of affairs is one many of us don’t like, especially since we know of examples of other democracies that are successfully dealing with the problem.

      To tolerate the present state of affairs is to tolerate outrages like Sandy Hook, to accept that the occasional classroom of kindergarteners can be slaughtered before responders can get there, and that just isn’t acceptable to many of us. And if you’re going to suggest that having armed guards at every school, every court, every church, and every city council meeting is a good solution, I am not persuaded. The perpetrator will always have the edge because of the element of surprise and prior planning.

    1. Latest story: A kid at school was caught today with a gun in his backpack. Why? His parents encouraged him to take it to school for protection. This is what we’re doing to our kids.

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