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  1. I think that building is one of the top man-made wonders of the world. It’s almost intangible, but utterly amazing. I have never wanted to go to Dubai before, but would love to go now just to see that building. Amazing! And perfect for the fireworks. LOL… I often wonder if those rich sheiks make our 1% look like poverty….

    • I agree the Burj is spectacular. Stunning. I’d love to see it, along with some other insanely expensive luxury places in Dubai, but I don’t think I could ever go up in it. It’s just too … unnatural.

      • I was reading up on it in Wikipedia last night and apparently when it was finished, it was right during the economy collapse. Something like less than 20% of the property was all that was purchased. I hadn’t realized the economy affected an oil-rich country like this. It was an interesting read.

        • I hadn’t occurred to me that countries like Dubai ever felt any real economic pinch. But it’s all relative. A lot of countries would like to be as wealthy as a “poor” Dubai.

    • I know virtually nothing about Dubai other than the spectacular, ostentatious structures there. Throughout history, that kind of extravagance has often been built on the backs of the oppressed. Thank you for reminding me that in many ways, civilization has scarcely advanced at all.

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