New kind of spam on WordPress

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    1. I change my settings sometimes. I’ll get tired of the Identicon “quilts.” Then I’ll decide the MonsterIDs look too “cartoony.” Then I’ll decide too many of the Wavatars look sad or angry when the commenters are not that way at all. And the Retro’s pixelation loses its appeal. But they all help make visitors a little more recognizable.

  1. Hmmm… interesting. I noticed just today on someone else’s blog a comment with that top avatar. What grabbed my eye was that the sender was viagra-somethingorother, but the comment was “normal.”

    Luckily I haven’t seen any yet. Now that I just said that…..

  2. Please do not exclude me. I am a not yet a blogger. I just follow and comment on a lot of blogs. I am not fancy to all of the terms used,but my grav.may come up as a monster or something. I am a real person with no virus following me around or spam….

  3. Bastards… Again with the spam! I’ve had several of these leak through the filters and killed them. It’s like stepping on roaches. Their generic comments revolt me. “I think the information you are conveying in this post is extremely useful and highly entertaining. Please post some more about this issue. How do you think it’s going to affect us going forward? Why do you think people are so obsessed with this product? What’s the mean speed of an African humming bird?” BLARG! We need a SPAMMER overlay stamp to slap on these bastards.

    1. Great analogy — stepping on roaches. This recent spate hasn’t been that generic. They say something that makes them seem so on target that you wonder if it’s a roach or a butterfly. I should have saved one as an example. One useful test I found was to run a search on a phrase from the comment, including one of misspelled words. I found it repeated hundreds of times around the Internet.

  4. Well, this type of spam has found me now. I just deleted 3 from my “to moderate” notifications. I have to admit, they’re pretty good. But just not good enough. I have to wonder what their purpose is since there isn’t a link to anywhere, nor any apparent product. I’m guessing just hoping to be approved so future comments won’t be moderated and then they’ll hit with the real spam…. I have no idea….

    1. With questionable comments like that I either hold them in moderation or in the trash for a few days. If the person comes back and complains that they were blocked, I can always restore them. And if I have any doubt about their being spam, I don’t mark them as spam; I just trash them.

      Of course, not everyone with an identicon is a spammer; anyone who doesn’t create their own Gravatar will be assigned one. But an identicon always makes me take a second look and wonder why the person has not established or doesn’t want to establish an online identity. If you look at what Akismet has blocked, every one of them will have an identicon, not a Gravatar.

      1. I approved one earlier today. It was on a Jan Brewer post and someone commenting about Arizona. Then after I approved it, I read all of it and realized it wasn’t real. The very last sentence said something about pest control, but as an off comment. Not a sale. So I then spammed it. But for an hour or so after that, all of a sudden I was flooded with those types of spam. So it appears just the one approval caught the spam software’s attention. Then they stopped after an hour. I mean a lot came through, and they were all pretty damn good.

      2. That’s a lot more than I got. Mine stopped before it got anywhere near that bad, but your readership is much higher than mine. Maybe temporarily change your settings to require commenter to fill in their name and email every time and/or must be registered and logged in to comment? That would relieve you of having to moderate all that spam. Your “regulars” will understand. You could do a short post explaining why.

      3. Well, they finally died down today. Not holding my breath. Interesting thing is that some of them were replies to people’s comments. Odd…..

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