Big dogs, big love

With big dogs, as with big people, there’s just more to love. And when a big dog gets scared, say, at the vet’s office, it calls for big sympathy and lots of understanding:

Scared dog at vet's office


Of course, on better days, you’ve got a really big buddy:

big white dog


For 19 more big dogs, see “21 Dogs Who Don’t Realize How Big They Are.”

Categories: dogs

9 replies

  1. I love them all PT, and the one with the giant cat at the end is an absolute hoot! 😀

  2. I have loved that top image since I first saw it. That guy is holding on tight!!!

    • I get tickled every time I look at it. And I feel so sorry for that dog! I once had a golden retriever who was that fearful at the vet’s. It broke my heart to see him desperately clinging to the sides of the examining table trying to pull himself off.

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