‘Godless’ mom draws record number of comments

14 thoughts on “‘Godless’ mom draws record number of comments”

  1. Love it! But, oh boy. I may have made a mistake. I posted a comment starting with “Bravo” (you can imagine the rest) on the CNN article. Ummmm…. the theists are, um, replying back. And I’m being a smart-ass. One said “You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for god” (or something to that effect), my reply, “No, mom and dad had sex.”

    1. I can well imagine what you said … and the responses you got. Sounds like the trolls were just waiting for a chance to pounce. People secure in their beliefs don’t need to attack others for theirs.

      1. Actually, my comment rather disappeared quickly. I can’t even find it now. This one is HOT HOT HOT! Thanks for pointing me there. There is a troll, or someone who has nothing better to do, who calls himself F Bacon and he’s commented on just about everyone’s comment.

      2. Not sure how that forum works. I was looking for your comment … until I realized I’d already scrolled back to about three days ago.

      3. Actually, go to the LAST number and start working your way back. I started at “1”… normal, I thought. Then realized those were some of the first ones. So went to the end and eventually found me.

      4. Hmph. Went back looking and it appears that “sex” is a taboo word on CNN. I thought they just removed my comment about “no mom and dad has sex.” So I replied with the same again. It never showed. So I replied with sex as “s…. e… x….” and it posted. Then I had the wrong tense in my comment. Not able to edit, darn it.

      5. Looks like the comments on HuffPo. People there are always having to type words in weird ways, with spaces or dots or something, to get past the moderation.

      6. Well, good to know. But I usually don’t say words that are auto-moderated. I never would have thought “sex” as one of those words. There are other versions of sex that are, though….

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