Revlon's Cherries in the Snow

Cherries in the Snow

Revlon's Cherries in the Snow
Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow

No, it’s not a recipe. It’s the shade of red Revlon nail polish and matching lipstick that my mom wore without fail through the ’50s while I was growing up. That polish, lipstick, and Chanel No. 5 cologne will forever remind me of her. They were her trademarks. And I grew up thinking Revlon made the only worthwhile cosmetics.

Cherries in the Snow is a classic red, slightly on the blue side, guaranteed to flatter pale, cool skin tones. The color, Revlon’s first red polish, was introduced in 1932. Previously the only colors available during the Depression were pales and translucents.

Brothers Charles and Joseph Revson paired up with a chemist named Charles Lachman (the ‘L’ in Revlon) to create their new formula and began selling it door-to-door. It was a huge hit and remains popular today. That would undoubtedly please my mom if she were still here.

For the record, I rarely wear polish. It needs retouching too often to keep it looking good. And inevitably, no matter how careful I am, I get sheet marks on it. I did wear it some when I was working, but I always bought mauve tones, never bright red. Same with the lipstick. But here’s a flash: I’ve never had a professional manicure. Weird, huh.

8 thoughts on “Cherries in the Snow

  1. Nor have I! Now, I didn’t expect this post at PiedType, in among all the political shenanigans and internet chitter-chatter; but you have inspired me to go shove some polish on my toes.
    (Was that too much information? :-D)

    1. Oh good! I would have bet I was the only woman in the civilized world who’d never had a professional manicure. I don’t recall ever polishing my toes; mine are ugly and I don’t like to call attention to them. Besides, the brushes are too big for my pinky toe.

  2. I used to ONLY wear Cherries in the Snow. It was my signature look for years. I loved it because of the blue undertone + the history associated with it. Suddenly I think I need to get a bottle of it and revive my old style. If only for a week or two.

    1. It’s a great red, the shade I go for when I want something — anything — truly RED. I was thrilled to find Revlon still makes it and until now had no idea that it was their first red.

  3. Red was considered too bold for “honest” women? Revlon always seemed to sparkle “Hollywood Star”
    I love the red look, but too impractical for me – always into something that would play havoc with the polish. Buffing’s not a bad second choice.

  4. Not weird at all. I never wear lipstick or nail polish and I’m not sure if I have any perfume lying around here.
    Chanel No.5 reminds me of my Grandma. My Dad and I would buy her that every year for Christmas, she loved it!

    1. The only makeup I own now is an eyebrow pencil and a blemish stick for those rare occasions when I care about adding eyebrows and subtracting age spots. I have a bottle of Calyx cologne which I never wear because it seems like ridiculous overkill with my very casual lifestyle.

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