Papal resignation: The more things change

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  1. PT, your summation of Papal puffery was so close to my own thinking that it might have come from my own pen, er, keyboard. I only have one nit to pick: how can he put his pants on one leg at a time when he (apparently) doesn’t wear them? 😈

    1. Yeah, that did cross my mind … the fact that I don’t really know what he wears under those robes …

      That’s the advantage of priestly robes. They hide a lot.

    1. And a don doesn’t just walk away from the mob … Having a pope and a pope emeritus living on the same grounds is going to pose some interesting problems for all concerned.

  2. The final pope (or so my mother in-law used to say). She was Catholic. Apparently there’s only supposed to be so many before Jesus shows up and rules the roost. Watch out! I’m surprised there aren’t more end-of-the-world conspiracies showing up around this. But maybe she was full of crap. You never know.

    1. I’d never heard about a “final pope” so peeked at Wikipedia, which says Benedict’s successor will supposedly be the last pope and he will usher in the destruction of Rome and the beginning of the Apocalypse. All this according to an ancient unreliable document. The plot thickens …

      1. Warm up the hunker bunkers! Maybe they’ll pick a young pope to give them more time to build shelters. Or maybe they can just buy them from the Mayan Apocalypse people. They’re probably renting them out for Apocalypse Holiday travelers.

      2. I hadn’t heard of “the final Pope” either. It has been generally discredited, as you said, but <a href=""the Wikipedia page on it does reveal some interesting insights into papal politics over the ages. There has to be one hell of a lot of cognitive dissonance going on inside that locked chapel as the good-ol’-boys in the red hats maneuver for position while pretending not to. Too bad the Pope’s butler got caught – we need to find some venal functionary to plant some sensors – wouldn’t it be delicious?

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