Far Cry 3 post mortem

For those very few people who care, I just finished playing Far Cry 3. I must say it was one of the most engaging, fun video games I’ve played to date. Clearly, the open world, sandbox type games are my favorites and for whatever it’s worth, I’d rank this one right up there with Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption. One thing I’d like to mention that I haven’t seen anywhere else — the credits at the end run about 10 minutes (I left them on because I was enjoying the music) and at the very end there is an option to re-enter the game so you can explore some more, practice with your wingsuit, etc. You do so with all the gear, skills, etc., you’ve earned to that point. There’s also a setting that re-sets all the enemy camps so you can retake them as often as you like.

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