Storm won’t stop Frozen Dead Guy Days

12 thoughts on “Storm won’t stop Frozen Dead Guy Days”

  1. Awesome! Any reason to have a party, right? If we can ever thaw these guys out, they can review the old footage, although I’m not sure they’d really be interested, but you never know. I mean, the question of, “so what’s been going on around here while I was a corpsesickle,” probably wouldn’t be answered by a review of the parties that took place.

    Personally, I’m thinking it’s more likely we’ll figure out how to digitize the human brain before we can figure out how to thaw and regrow new bodies for existing neural networks. More likely, these dudes will eventually wake up inside a computer simulation along with everyone else that’s be digitized. Future retirement communities for dead people will probably exist in a computer system. It’ll be like SimCity for dead people. I may join them.

    1. Hey, CU is a notorious party school and has been since I went there (one year) back in the ’60s. They never let a good party excuse pass them by. And FDGD probably provides a big chunk of the town’s annual income, so the town fights to keep the sponsorship. The rights to FDGD were almost sold a couple of years ago but, as I recall, some local stepped in to make sure the festival didn’t leave Nederland.

      Safe to say I don’t lie awake nights worrying about a bunch of former frozen dead guys walking around. I do think the folks that only have their heads frozen are closer to what might occur in the future, but I still don’t see human cells surviving the deep freeze in working condition. Their DNA … that’s a possibility. Obviously I don’t read enough scifi.

  2. OMG, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry PT! I wonder what Grandpa Bredo’s family thinks of all this? And please tell me that isn’t his “coffin” being opened up for the kids to peer into! 😯

    1. Well, I don’t know, but I kind of got the impression it was. Except you wouldn’t just pop open a cryogenic container like that, would you? Maybe it’s an outer container of some kind? Or maybe just a prop to show visitors …

      The last population “boom” in Nederland was the hippies in the ’60s. And I think that’s still the sort of people FDGD attracts. The last time I was up there, I was going through little shops in old wood-floored buildings selling crystals ala New Age, tourist kitsch, and handcrafted items. Sidewalks were wood planks, like an old frontier town.

    1. Seems like I did read somewhere about legal battles a few years ago. Haven’t heard about power outages, but they’re always possible, especially during storms like the one predicted for tomorrow.

      Yep, Nederland is … umm … yeah, “quirky” works. It’s where I go when I want to go back to the ’60s. But I rarely stop, since I’m usually heading to or from Estes.

    1. I should have guessed you’d say that. 🙂 Should be interesting up there tomorrow. I think they have upwards of 2 feet of snow in their forecast — with high winds.

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