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About that Daylight Savings Time reblog

My apologies to those who may have come looking for a Daylight Savings Time post that I had up very briefly this morning. It was a reblog of an earlier post of mine, the first time I’d tried a “self reblog,” and I discovered several shortcomings I didn’t like. I could add a comment only at the end; I’d have preferred an introductory comment. The comment I added was restricted to one paragraph; paragraph breaks were automatically stripped out. The original “featured image” (the one that appears on the home page) did not get picked up as such, so I had to go in and manually designate it. And finally, the categories assigned to the original post were stripped out, as were any new ones I tried to insert manually. All in all, unacceptable. WordPress Reblog fails again.


  1. Worst of all to me is that you can’t “Like” a reblogged post. There’s a lot of stuff out there that I’d have never seen had it not been for someone I subscribe to reblogging it. At the very least, I should at least be able to “Like” the reblog before clicking through to the source post!

    • That’s a sad oversight by WordPress. Of course you should be able to “Like” a reblog. As with any post, lot of readers might want to “Like” something but not take time to write a comment.

      • It’s only recently that I haven’t been able to “Like” reblogs, a change that I suspect was driven by complaints by those being reblogged. Whether a post is “Likable” or “rebloggable” should be decided by the individual bloggers, instead of WP imposing a “one size fits all” solution on everyone.

        • I can’t get started on complaints about WP’s Reblog tactics. Too frustrating. They keep changing it and can’t seem to get it right. They ought to just make every aspect of it optional and be done with it.

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