Life getting you down? Try MinusIQ (video)

10 thoughts on “Life getting you down? Try MinusIQ (video)

  1. Brilliant…brilliant. Where are other commenters? Just asked spouse to watch, he has sent on to someone else. Must do this quickly–also post on my own blog–before I take the pill tonight. What was that old commercial, “See what a relief!”

    1. When I think of all the stress this would relieve, all the sleepless nights it would cure … truly a wonder drug! Obviously the politicians in Washington have had a secret supply of this drug for several years. It’s about time it was made available to the rest of us.

      1. You know PT, I’ve never been able to tolerate depressants of any kind, and yet I find myself always longing for the stupid bliss people seem to find at the bottom of a bottle. At the same time, I’ve always thought my problems were the result of my just not being smart enough for the world I live in, but now I’m wondering if the opposite might actually be true?!?! And that bit you mentioned about the politicians in Washington having a secret supply of this drug has me thinking that the conspiracy might extend much farther than you suggest. After all, what else could explain all those knowing looks passed between people when I talk to them?!?! 🙄 😆

        1. Oh I decided a long time ago that my problem was being smarter than those around me. 😉 You know what they say: Ignorance is bliss. Now, at last, there’s help for people like us! 😆

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