‘Chasing Ice’ airs on NatGeo


A wonderful surprise this evening. The National Geographic channel aired James Balog’s film Chasing Ice, which I never got to see in the theater. I wrote about it last November. It airs several more times in the next week, no doubt to coincide with Earth Day. I’d like to think it would change the minds of some of those who despise Al Gore and think all his Inconvenient Truth charts and figures were misinterpretations — or worse — but I’m afraid only “climate change believers” will watch it. What a shame. Photographic evidence is hard to deny and the glacier calving and time-lapse shots in the last half-hour are not to be missed. This should be required viewing for Earth Day on April 22.

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4 replies

  1. I so intended to record that show PT, but I managed to forget somehow. Gonna check their website to see when I can catch it again! 😀

  2. Saw it in a theater back when it first became available near our home. Our church, which has many active environmentalists as members, gave the showings a lot of publicity. I agree– it is an excellent film.

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