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  1. Thank you for posting today… have worked & never had a chance to attend one of the anniversary ceremonies. The 28th is the OKC Memorial Marathon/Half M– always sobering, yet shows the resilience and positive energy of participants– Memorial website is worth a visit. Truly will never forget.

  2. Okay, I am going backwards, so I am actually commenting about you “like” button post.

    My new job keeps me very busy at times so I dont have time to read my favorite sites posts, so I tend to wait until I have time, like tonight obviously, and catch up. This is a post I wouldnt have normally commented on, but would have wanted younto know I was here. So I use the “like” button to do so.

      • Its your site so I just go with the flow. Just consider ignoring the fake and embrassing the real.

        Completely unrelated, but just want to grumble to someone… WP has apparently updated their Android app I use on my tablet, and oh, boy… it is buggy as hell! Having an aweful time with the comments. Cant refresh. And it freezes sometimes. I like the new layout, but doesnt mean squat if it doesnt work properly.

        • Yeah, I hear that. I don’t have a tablet but I tried their app for my phone and gave up after 5 minutes. There’s just too much to do with a blog post to do it on a phone. Maybe read comments or something, but that’s about it. And I didn’t think it worked very well.

        • It doesn’t. My tablet, which is the same Operating System as my phone… just a bigger screen basically, was bought for fun. Games, easy access to email, etc. I had no intention of blogging on it. I want a full computer and mouse for that. But I figured I’d at least be able to read and write comments easily. But not with that update they did. I hung it up after I left this comment last night and went to Oddee for some smiles before sleep.

"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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