No hiding place as FBI releases video

8 thoughts on “No hiding place as FBI releases video”

  1. Good job PT. Assuming these are indeed the guys who did it, I find it amazing that they could walk around so casually with bombs just slung over their shoulders like that. What a different world we live in today…

  2. The crappy image quality leaves me wondering where’s the television version of CSI when we need it? I’ve been trying to find an affordable security camera system for some time now and all I have seen produce images similar to those here.

    1. This looks better than most surveillance camera video I see on TV news stories. The enlarged single frames are less clear, as I’d expect, but I saw one expert saying these are good enough to use with facial recognition technology. Isn’t that all you’d really need for a security camera to be worthwhile? You might want to check some of the news outlets or the FBI site and see if they have sharper images. No telling how often these had been reproduced and degraded by the time I picked them up.

  3. First rule of terrorism – always find some other idiot to place the bombs or do the dirty work. Of course, this doesn’t apply to fanatical stand-alones, and these two look like they might fit that mold. Still, you’ve got to wonder if someone wasn’t pulling their strings. When you’ve got a country full of cracked eggs, the egg crackers will look for them first. It’s a lot easier than trying to sneak your own fanatics into the target zone. In this case, I do suspect that these two were acting alone, and had their own motives, but I’ll wait for further analysis. Hopefully they’ll get the second dickhead soon, and catch the bastard alive for a good long waterboarding… I mean questioning… yeah, that’s what I meant.

    1. Just heard a report saying the second guy is alive and in custody. (Then again, we heard several days ago that there’d been an arrest.) I hope it’s true, so Boston can begin to relax.

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