It’s Earth Day!



  1. I’m still here on this earth, for right now… I’m feeling pretty good about it. Can’t really comment on the future, not having been there, and I probably won’t get too far.
    It’s a shame that we didn’t listen to Bob Dylan 50 years ago… or was that Jim Morrison… “what have we done to our fair sister, we’ve… and … and … and ripped her”

    1. Dylan and a lot of his peers knew exactly what was happening. 50 years later, we’re still trying to convince the skeptics. I imagine it will be like putting a frog in cold water and then bringing it to a boil. The frog will never know what happened.

  2. Very nice above the water in the picture. Is the whale jumping for joy? I suspect not, for below the surface lie endless miles of abandoned trawl lines, netting, pollution and detritus from the Japanese tsunami. She is trying to escape. 😦

    1. I thought of it as a celebration in beautiful blue water that — at the rate we’re going — will be neither beautiful nor blue much longer. The whales are endangered, the ocean is endangered, the Earth itself is endangered.

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