Spammers ‘Like’ WordPress news, too

8 thoughts on “Spammers ‘Like’ WordPress news, too”

  1. I have to admire your plucky optimism PT, in hoping that something might chance if you just stay on them. Personally, I don’t WordPress make to changes that have no immediate financial reward for them. What I do expect is for them to continue making weird changes behind the scenes that we get to stumble upon long after the fact…

  2. I’m not understanding what the spammers purpose of “liking” is about if their gravatar doesn’t take the clicker anywhere….

    FYI… I wasn’t impressed with the Newsworthy theme. But I do really like the Visual theme.

    1. I don’t understand it either, but I do believe there are lots of people out there who get their jollies just knowing they’ve annoyed someone and nothing can or will be done to stop them. I think WP is wrong (or making excuses) when they say they must figure out a motive before they can stop the spammers.

      I wasn’t wild about either of the new themes, although I confess I got distracted before examining them closely.

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