Guinness 2013 names Tallest Living Dog

8 thoughts on “Guinness 2013 names Tallest Living Dog”

  1. So cool PT. Of course the only one I’d want to deal with is Cupcake! 😀

    BTW, you switched the names of the Great Dane and the horse in your opening paragraph…

      1. Good deal! BTW, did you know that you can split up a gallery into multiple codes to force it to display any way you want? And as long as you put them all on a single line in the HTML editor, they’ll still look as if it was a single gallery code! 😀

      2. No, I haven’t looked into that (lots of other code, but not that). I do galleries so seldom that I still wrestle a bit with the default WP interface.

    1. While this particular dog may be some sort of freakish anomaly, I agree that breeding for ever bigger Great Danes could have set the scene for this, and a lot of selective breeding does not have the animals’ best interests at heart.

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