Tornadoes in Oklahoma City — again

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  1. I hadn’t thought of that live feed PT, but I’ve been glued to The Weather Channel for over two hours now – and they’ve been bouncing between all the local feeds in addition to their own coverage. Did you see the pancaked tornado chasing vehicle? Even the armored “Dominator” thing Reed Timmer and company roll around in took some damage! 😯

      1. They’re saying that the twister did like a hard right turn that just took everyone by surprise. They’re also saying I-40 looks like a demolition derby, with overturned cars and trucks everywhere. Sadly, a mother and child died in one of those cars…

      2. Yes, I heard that. And later a reporter saying he’d heard radio calls that sounded like there could be several more fatalities in the same area. I’ll never understand why people don’t get off the roads when the weather has been so bad for so long.

      3. That surprised me too, especially in an area where EVERYONE should know better. I saw Rachel Maddow interviewing the mayor of OKC, and even he was surprised at the number of people on the roads. I can’t help but wonder if, after all the recent news coverage, and all the questions asked about the lack of shelters, maybe there was just a little bit of panic in play…

      4. It’s not uncommon for people there to hit the road if they think they can get out of the path of the storm (no shelter at home, or no garage for the car, etc.). But after two hours of continuous alerts, I’d expect everyone to have settled someplace. The other possibility is we’re talking about several major interstates on a Friday afternoon in the summer during rush hour. Everybody going somewhere, and hoping to miss the storm.

    1. Oh yes, fine here. (Remember, I’m from OKC but live in Denver.) All my OKC relatives live on the north side of town, so I’ve not been overly concerned. After the last two weeks, though, I imagine the OKC Chamber of Commerce is in despair.

      1. OH,OH,OH…..GOOD!!! I’m sure that they’re beside themselves….I’m sure that quite a few people in Moore and elsewhere are going to throw in the towel and head for less exciting states..

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