Twilight on Trail Ridge

8 thoughts on “Twilight on Trail Ridge”

    1. I don’t recall that dogs were ever allowed on trails in the park. They can be on leashes in the parking areas, though.

      It does look like icing drizzled on a bundt cake.

      1. They used to be allowed in Lilly Lake/Calypso waterfalls trail. Some of the dog friendly guide books have RMNP trails listed, but think there are new regulations
        Oh, could use some of that cool now…starting to bake here

      2. Current regs say:

        Pets are permitted in Rocky Mountain National Park, however they are not permitted on trails or in the backcountry. They are allowed only in areas accessed by vehicles, including roadsides, parking areas, picnic areas and campgrounds.

        Too bad. Would love to take Annie for a hike up there. She’s legal in the national forests though. Could go up to Brainard Lake.

      3. Lots of trailheads around Brainard. Not quite as spectacular as RMNP but still an area rich with scenery, trails, etc. Used to be less crowded than the park, but my brother says that’s not really true anymore.

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