‘Hand painted’ animals by Guido Daniele

These remarkable body (hand) paintings are the work of Italian artist Guido Daniele. For many more examples of his unique style, visit his website.

Click any image for close-up views of all. Reload the page to change the “mosaic” arrangement.

Categories: art/design, Culture

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  1. Amazing. The owl is a bit hard to picture how he did it.

    • I can tell it’s the back of his or someone’s left hand, but it’s awkward getting my knuckles and fingers into that position. Who looks at the back of their hand and says, “That could be an owl”?

  2. I think “wow.” (With lots of exclamation points!!!)

  3. Wow, those images are just awesome PT. And I’m really jealous of how that mosaic looks with your theme, particularly since its “main column” is listed as being narrower than mine!

    • I’m not sure I see the difference between this and your “Unbelievable 3D Drawings” mosaic. But I’ve never looked at the code specs for the mosaic. I just throw all the images into the “gallery maker” and whatever happens, happens.

      • Your images just seem bigger, and sharper. I wonder if my limiting individual images to 560px wide is affecting the mosaic too?!?!

        • I think it’s just the difference in themes. The main column in yours looks about 650px wide and mine is 750px. That’s a notable difference. Looks like you might be limiting your image sizes to less than the available width. I wasn’t able to find the exact measurement for your theme, so I can’t say for sure.

  4. Wow! These are simply amazing. Such a pity to know they will be washed off. Although they photographs are beautiful

  5. I’ve always loved this guy’s work. So detailed and lifelike. Looks great the art is displayed here

  6. These are amazing, PT. Having volunteered for the local school fete as a face-painter and bungled big time, I am filled with endless admiration.


  1. WordPress adds ‘mosaic’ option to image galleries | Pied Type

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