Two routes into Estes Park reopen to visitors

13 thoughts on “Two routes into Estes Park reopen to visitors”

    1. I can’t imagine the work it must have taken to get Estes open and ready for business again so soon. But there are some major highways that were completely washed out and could be closed for months. Winter is not the best season for road building in the mountains.

      1. Hearing estimates of one to two years to get all roads fully repaired, bridges rebuilt, etc. And just as we thought road repairs were being wrapped up for the year. Meantime … free or cheap tetanus shots for everyone in flood zones, boil orders, warnings of increased mold and allergies, more mosquitoes and West Nile virus. Cold weather will reduce a lot of that, but increase other problems.

      2. Icing not preferable on this cake. Eventually it will get done and it will all be wonderful again. Must hold that thought. (works for hurricane zones…that was a sea floor at one time, right? Aren’t there fossils? I could be confused)

    1. I’m so happy for the folks in Estes, and for those who love to go there this time of year. Not sure if I’ll make it myself, though. The route that’s open is about an hour longer than my usual route, which was about my limit as it was.

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