Capitol Hill gate crasher

Driving Americans crazy

Capitol Hill gate crasherYou couldn’t have missed the story yesterday. A woman driving a black car tried to crash through security at the White House. Ultimately she was shot and killed.

How cynical am I? My first thought wasn’t that she was a terrorist. My first thought was that she was an average American who had been driven over the edge by Congress’s irresponsible actions and government shutdown. Perhaps someone in a precarious financial and personal situation who’d just been furloughed from her job. Someone who was mad as hell and just couldn’t take it any more.

“Speaks for all of us,” I thought.

6 thoughts on “Driving Americans crazy

  1. Dope! I did miss this story. Was she just like you and I? I know I’ve talked about…umm…blowing up certain government buildings… 😮

    1. Various reports say she was a single mother, hospitalized for either injury or illness, lost her dental hygienist job, postpartum depression, tires slashed recently, etc. Who’s to say what was finally the last straw for her …

  2. (catching up on reading) We had similar thoughts.
    Disturbed the press immediately started calling her crazy or obsessed. Her sisters and family are now disputing the characterization. I watched this unfolding and heard multiple eye witnesses. It looks like she blundered and made a wrong turn and started backing up. An agent started yelling and several pounded her car – with guns.(all on multiple videos) Looks like she panicked and left – they hunted her down. They were driving insanely and shooting.
    She came out unarmed.
    She’s single mom, scared, who may have been concerned if arrested CPS would take her child. Fight or flight? She left. Where was safe to stop? Police here always say drive to the closest police station for help – but the authorities were ones chasing her and shooting at her.
    We have chases and swat situations every week here. Trained people defuse the situation – and people do not die. If that happened here ministers and activists would be screaming for justice. The cops involved would immediately be on desk duty. The ones in Washington are security force’s best and brightest? Furlough and retrain.
    It all reminded me of being in Madrid under Franco and his Black Guard

    1. The media, of course, always jump to conclusions and air all sorts of speculation before they have any facts at all. It’s not like anyone had a chance to question her before they shot her. And why were they shooting in the first place if there was no indication that she was armed? Police stop fleeing motorists all the time without shooting at them. On the other hand, they also seem terribly trigger-happy sometimes. Such a needless tragedy.

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