Becoming Tom Clancy: My letters from Tom – Part 3 of 4

(See Part 1 and Part 2)

The third letter from Tom was typewritten on his company letterhead. Not sure why. Presumably he was at the office and his “wowie-zowie” computer was at home, or vice versa.

Nancy Clark Reynolds was a lobbyist and close friend of Ronald Reagan. There will be more on Reagan in the next letter.

Larry is Larry Bond, war-game expert and Tom’s co-author on Sunset (working title for Red Storm Rising). He was mentioned in the previous letter.

Fourth letter to come in the next few days.

(The blank in the top left corner hides phone numbers.)


Tom Clancy letter, 5 Feb 1985, p 1

Tom Clancy letter, 5 Feb 1985, p 2

Tom Clancy letter, 5 Feb 1985, p 3

NEXT: Becoming Tom Clancy – Part 4

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8 replies

  1. That is extraordinary! I had no idea you had a Clancy connection, but what a wonderful set of letters to mark your friendship, PT. Wonderful set of posts, thank you so much for sharing.

  2. This has been a interesting series of three but I cannot find Twitter sharing buttons and that bugged me.

    • I’m sorry, but I chose to leave off the Like and sharing buttons because WordPress puts them at the bottom of every screen and before the page numbers that readers need to see and click. (See related comment/question in forums.) I felt the page links should fall directly below the image, not after a bunch of sharing buttons, Like avatars, and their horizontal rules. If you know a workaround, I’d love to put the Like and sharing buttons back in.


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