Apologies to would-be commenters

If you were among those who visited my last two posts, Brinkmanship or brinksmanship? and Idiots at work in Goblin Valley and found the comments closed, please accept my apologies. And feel free to post those comments now (you were dying to say something, right?).

Seems I inadvertently unchecked a critical option on the Discussion Settings page while trying to tighten my security against spam comments. It’s fixed now, and I’m thoroughly embarrassed. Mostly, though, I’m relieved that the self-induced crisis is over. I make lots of little mistakes behind the scenes all the time that I hope readers never notice. But when I find my comments have been closed for the last couple of days without my realizing it, panic ensues.

Thanks to timethief for talking me down.

For those interested in the nuts and bolts, here’s what happened —

Under Discussion Settings, I had unchecked “Allow people to post comments on new articles”:


But that alone didn’t fix the problem. I then had to go to Dashboard > Posts and manually check “Allow Comments” for each of the two posts:


7 thoughts on “Apologies to would-be commenters

  1. I was wondering PT. Thought maybe someone (like me, perhaps) had P’d you off. Gonna have to go back to those posts and try to remember those witty (or not) comments I wanted to make! 😆

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