The Beatles do Abbey Road medley – vocals only

I‘m a newcomer to videos that isolate the voices of singers, and I just heard one of Britney Spears that made me wince. A lot. But there was a link to this one from the Beatles and all I can say is … Wow! These guys were even better than I thought they were. And I thought they were the greatest.

If you haven’t heard this before (and even if you have) crank up the volume and enjoy the masters at work.

Update: It’s regrettable that a DMCA takedown notice filed against Google caused this video to disappear from every available source just hours after I found it. It had been widely available for about six weeks before the takedown.

Categories: entertainment, video content

17 replies

  1. happy you were not deterred from this by the b spears experience, this is wonderful )

  2. Ouch – the video’s been blocked by copyright? (or is it just on my computer?) Unfair! I should have read earlier. WIll have to look around.
    Thanks for the heads up

  3. Drat…it’s blogged…LOVED THE BEATLES!!


  1. The Abbey Road medley (vocals only) is back « Pied Type
  2. Yes, I reread my old posts « Pied Type

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