All roads to Estes Park now open


It’s official. With the reopening of Highway 7 yesterday, all flood-damaged highways providing access to Estes Park, Colo., are now open to traffic. (Trail Ridge Road, as always, is closed for the winter.) Congratulations to the Colorado Department of Transportation for completing this massive engineering/repair effort a week ahead of the governor’s deadline.

Categories: Colorado floods 2013, Rocky Mtn Natl Park

8 replies

  1. Great news PT. The congratulations are well earned! 😀

  2. Outstanding news! Can’t stop those self reliant mountain men and women. (Any new “help CO recover” products?)
    The picture is just a jewel – the town always looks like wonderland.
    Thanks for the update

  3. great news, this is a huge accomplishment ) it looks beautiful –

  4. Hi PT- like you, having seen some of the shots of the missing sections of hwy way down in BT canyon and the no roads at all at Lyons, figured it would be late next year at the earliest before CDOT could rebuild. Fantastic job! (darn, now the route is open, but i can’t head out there for ‘catch the glow’ tomorrow evening) Thanks for posting this beautiful shot.

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