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Tinni the fox and Sniffer the dog play in the Norwegian woods.
Tinni the fox and Sniffer the dog play in the Norwegian woods. (Image: Torgeir Berge)

This must be International Fox Week or something. First there was that video I posted yesterday. Then today there was this story on Huffington Post. In Norway, Sniffer the fox and Tinni the dog have become best buddies. They met when Tinni and his owner were on a walk through the forest. Now they all work together against the fur industry.

The real kicker here for me is that last night my daughter-in-law was out late playing Ingress in a big park a few miles from here. (A bad idea, imho, but I’m the MIL so don’t say anything.) She had her large black dog with her and what shows up out of the darkness but a fox. A friendly fox who wanted nothing more than to cavort with the dog. The walking was slowed quite a bit as the fox persisted in trying to get the dog to play.

I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I’m sure, once I was convinced the fox wasn’t rabid, I’d have been absolutely charmed and fascinated by the whole incident. I imagine it was not unlike these pictures of Sniffer and Tinni. There are more pictures with the HuffPo story, so check them out.

Image: Torgeir Berge
Image: Torgeir Berge

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