What does Loki the fox say?

Loki is a resident at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park near Redding, California. Cute, isn’t he? But if you want to know what foxes say, the following video is more educational. By now, of course, if the song “What Does the Fox Say?” piqued your curiosity, you’ve probably already looked up this one.

It was a cute song the first few times I heard it. But I have the misfortune of living in a city where the pro football team’s coach is named Fox (John Fox, Denver Broncos). And if I hear one more sportscaster say, “And what does the Fox say … ,” I’m going to scream.

5 thoughts on “What does Loki the fox say?

    1. I didn’t recognize this specifically till it got to the part about facing north. Then I realized I’d seen it once before and been absolutely fascinated by that fact. I never get tired of watching these fox videos; beautiful animals, and so cute when they dive into the snow.

  1. Ok those were really cool videos. The foxes sound so human in their cries! Now I’m wondering if we have foxes in the woods behind our house because I think I’ve heard some of those sounds–especially the fighting/playing. Web able bobcats and coyotes, but I’m not sure about foxes.

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