Gone: That annoying JollyWallet pop-up

16 thoughts on “Gone: That annoying JollyWallet pop-up”

    1. Thanks for the information. I found a lot of very frustrated people out there who, like me, just wanted to be rid of the annoyance. I predict the app will be dropped like a hot rock by everyone who finds out where the pop-up is coming from.

  1. I’ve never encountered this pop up but it seems lately regardless of the sites you visit, pop ups are everywhere. I was under the impression that web designers were trying to get away from flash and pop ups and videos playing instantly. Apparently I was wrong – it seems they are stronger than ever.

    Glad you got rid of your annoying pop up – if you want more practice I can point you several more. 😉


    1. This was particularly annoying because I haven’t seen a pop-up for months. And rarely any ads at all. Adblock Plus has spoiled me to the point I’d almost forgotten such junk exists. There’s a cure for autoplay videos too, but I didn’t like the blank placeholders it used. Guess there’s no perfect solution.

      Thanks for your generous offer, but I think I’ll pass. 😉

  2. not sure why you had to spend so many hours figuring this out;
    look at the first screenshot it is clearly saying:”Webpage Screenshot & jollywallet give you money when you purchase on this site”
    And then clearly giving you the option to accept the offer, by clicking “ok” or declined it by clicking “no thanks”.
    So not only, it is very clear where it is coming for, but also user choice is given.
    Yes, jollywallet appears only on selected e-commerce sites or online stores and is offering its users to receive cash back for their online purchases.
    Even though in this case, nit required, additional information on how to remove or disable jollywallet can be found here: [URL removed]


    1. (I removed your links back to JollyWallet.)

      I’ve already explained what happened and that I wasn’t interested in reading your ad, declining your offer, or having the pop-up appear again. A Google search will quickly show I am not alone in this. As far as I’m concerned, third-party pop-ups are like spam, robocalls, and telemarketers. I don’t want to see or hear any of them and most certainly will not do business with any of them.

    1. I didn’t read it because (a) I never saw it and I’m not sure Chrome’s auto update gave me a chance to read it and (b) since I didn’t realize it was from Webpage Screenshot, I didn’t know where to look for a change log.

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