Even 4-year-olds are sick of winter (video)

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    1. But it’s so much easier today. I remember distinctly a snowsuit my younger sister had. It was styled like a big zippered onesie with a separate pullover hood, and navy blue, like this little boy’s. Rubber galoshes served as snow boots and had to be pulled on over one’s shoes. Mittens were knit wool things that quickly caked with snow and ice and took hours to dry. Five kids in our family. Mom would get one or two of us geared up and out the door, just as another one came dragging in, cold and wet. Now everything is lightweight, insulated, waterproof. So much better!

    1. Oh yuck. Yeah, you’ve really been dumped on this winter. Are you supposed to get the ice, too, or is that supposed to stay in the South? Hope you’re stocked up on everything. Sounds like you’ll be inside for a while.

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