Toilet paper: More on the over/under tissue issue

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  1. HILARIOUS !!! I love the way the … ahh … cat’s servant is laughing throughout. 🙂 And I see why you advise as you do. Scientific proof, eh, Susan? 😀

  2. Now I’ve just got to admire you, PT, for being willing to tackle society’s serious issues like the one here. This goes right to the core of our basic natures, one which involves a significant sector of every American’s personal time. Let’s see, 10 minutes a day (is that too much?) times 365 days a year divided by 60 minutes an hour = 61 hours a year.

    Here’s my reasoning for taking the “over” side:

    1. I don’t have a cat and my little canine pal, Winston, wouldn’t put up with one.
    2. Winston couldn’t care less about TP.
    3. Groping to find the loose end next to the wall would stress me and probably shorten my life.

    Suggestion for your next investigation:

    Which is better: cheap TP or expensive? This is a serious issue that affects us all, and I just hope the experts have some clues on this. Public restrooms, as in Walmart and airports, seem to opt for the very cheapest stuff they can find. It is so thin you can see through it and so narrow as to be, well, ridiculous. This is self-defeating, I think. Personally, I use multiple layers to increase both thickness and width and probably use way more paper than if it was decent stuff. But then, perhaps this is done to decrease theft? I wouldn’t have thought this possible, but yesterday I listened to an NPR pod-cast talking about people who steal food from others’ lunches in the business communal refrigerators. What would it say about a person’s character, that they would steal toilet paper? Not only are such persons cheaper than Silas Marner, but think about their implied scorn for the next person in the stall!

    Personally, I have had an epiphany late in life about this important issue. It is far better to buy the best, fluffiest stuff you can find and in the largest roll (Charmin, mega-roll). We also have the European-style holders which makes changing rolls a snap. Think of the time saved! Not to mention searching for the &*#$% spring when it flies off and lands behind the toilet.

    We could also debate how many plies to use at a time, but I’m not going to suggest that. After all, shouldn’t some things be, ah, personal? 😆

    1. Well, now you’ve brought up one of my long-standing pet peeves, short-sizing the toilet paper roll. I ranted about it as long ago as 2008. I think narrower and fluffier is part of the ongoing plot to charge us more for less.

      But yes, I agree, life’s too short to short-change oneself on the little things, and toilet paper is one of them. I, too, buy Charmin, and I opt for the mega rolls so I don’t have to change the roll so often (I haven’t measured yet, but I suspect the mega rolls may be narrower). It never ceases to amaze me how much toilet paper one person can use. I remember that with seven people in the house, mom used to buy TP by the case. I wonder now how she got a carton that big into what was literally my father’s Oldsmobile. She might have had it delivered with other stuff from the local supermarket.

      I could perhaps save precious minutes of life by switching to the European holders, but that might be offset by the time spent shopping for and installing them. I’ll have to do the math on that one of these days.

      I don’t think anyone saves money by buying the cheap, single-ply stuff. You’ll just use more of it. And remember Sheryl Crow’s suggestion that we only use one square at a time? I wonder if she’s actually still doing that, saving her little corner of the planet. Bless her heart. I’ve got to believe she’s the only one in the world doing it.

      I can’t close without adding this scene from “Seinfeld”:

  3. My mom, years ago, was head of housekeeping at a chain motel, and the rule was over, then folded into a triangle at the start of the roll. When she came down to help me move, she changed the roll in the bathroom, and of course, went over. I then had to ask where my dang triangle was. 😀
    I’m an under, which has prevented my mischievous boy from leaving piles of shredded toilet paper for me in my time of need. But this cat is smart, and he may figure out a way to thwart me.
    I am, though, anti-Charmin, which is just too linty for me, and prefer Angel Soft or Northern. Plus, if I had a choice, I’d much rather have angels or cartoon quilters in the bathroom than bears. I just know Luke would get ’em riled up, and then where would I be …

    1. The linty-ness issue is why I buy the Charmin Extra Stong. No lint. But you may have a point about the bears. Also a point about the child, another reason for going under. Kids are every bit as bad as cats.

      The triangle is such a nice touch, however. I’ve been known to waste a fair amount of tissue trying to find and free the start of the roll. Particularly annoying in public restrooms where the roll is tucked up into some kind of dispenser that seems specially designed to not dispense. I think the manufacturers of commercial grade toilet paper must hire people to glue the ends down.

      1. LOL. You know what would be nice … deluxe toilet paper that comes with the ends already loose and pre-folded into triangles. Of course, that would put some end-gluers out of work …

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