Beethoven’s coffee precisely 60 beans per cup


A good infographic is worth a thousand words. It’s just as informative, if not more so, and far more interesting to contemplate than just words on a page.

Highlighted in this morning’s WordPress newsletter is “Creative Routines” on RJ Andrews’ blog, Info We Trust. Andrews has compiled a great infographic diagramming and comparing the daily routines of some famous individuals.

For some reason the first thing I was drawn to was how much each individual slept, and when. Nothing unusual there (aside from the lesson that I need to get up earlier if I’m going to accomplish anything).

I was intrigued, however, by Maya Angelou’s routine. It shows a period of time every day dedicating to commuting. And then notes that she worked “always in hotel or motel rooms.” It left me wondering if she commuted every day to some hotel or motel just so she could write there. Sounds odd. I’m not familiar with the details of her life, but now my curiosity has been piqued and I may be compelled to research this.

Anyway, be sure to visit Andrews’ blog to see the post. Among other things, you’ll learn about Beethoven’s coffee, Milton’s meditation, and Victor Hugo’s public ice baths.

10 thoughts on “Beethoven’s coffee precisely 60 beans per cup

    1. I thought it interesting that even some of the busiest, most successful individuals found time for family and exercise. Perhaps the biggest lesson is to maintain some balance in one’s life. All work and no play, etc.

  1. I am skeptical (you knew I would be) of the data. Doth the bloggist have a time machine? Life is too varied to encapsulate neatly I think. Nevertheless, the blog leaves me wishing for a few more subjects. How about:

    1. Albert Einstein
    2. Winston Churchill
    3. Horatio Lord Nelson
    4. Pope Francis
    5. Jesus
    6. Francis Underwood

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