WBC run out of Moore, OK

Hats off to Moore, Oklahoma. A contingent from the Westboro Baptist Church hate group showed up there on Sunday to picket. Why? Because of a sign put up by Moore Liquor shop owner Bryan Kerr to celebrate the May 19 death of the church’s founder, Fred Phelps, and also, according to the church, because an F5 tornado that flattened large areas of Moore last May and killed 24 people was an “example of God’s wrath.”

Waving their “God Hates Fags” signs along with “God Hates Oklahoma” signs, their planned half-hour demonstration lasted all of eight minutes. When angry Moore counterprotesters began to advance past intervening police officers, the WBCers bolted for their cars.

There’s a bit of a back story here explaining Moore’s intense dislike of WBC (as if anyone needs a reason): In the wake of the tornado last May, WBC threatened to picket the funeral of 9-year-old victim Nicolas McCabe. Although they were seen in nearby Norman, OK, they never appeared at the funeral — maybe, just maybe, because hundreds of bikers, the Patriot Guard Riders, had assembled to protect the funeral.


WBC added some new signs for Oklahoma. (Photo: Huffington Post)
Police tried to keep the protesters apart. (Photo: KTUL)
Angry Moore residents were ready with their own signs. (Photo: KOCO)
The sign that started it all. (Photo: KOCO)
Had WBC dared to show up at McCabe’s funeral last year, this is what they’d have seen. (Photo: Reddit / darsilmaos)


10 thoughts on “WBC run out of Moore, OK

  1. God bless Moore. 😀
    It reminds me of the only time I was really proud of the town where I went to school when I was a kid. A white supremacist trial was going on at the federal courthouse in Fort Smith, and an amalgam of hate groups (KKK, neo-Nazis, etc.) decided to do a tour around the region to plead their case. When they got to our town, they were egged and shouted out.
    Every time I start to think that people have given up on peace and thinking of their fellow man, people stand up for exactly that, and that gives me hope that we’re not completely screwed as a species.

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