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  1. one of the things that has stayed in my mind is that for days and days… until they found the last person… we drove with our headlights on.
    as if we were united at least in that way of keeping each other strong. i’ll never forget it.

      • I was in TV when it happened, and one of the things I did was record the satellite feeds. It was hard to see anything else when you tried to close your eyes at night.
        But at least we did see people coming together to help; it just shouldn’t have to take something so horrible for that to happen.

  2. What happened that day almost makes me wish there was such a thing as Hell PT. I can think no one more deserving of that fate than the monster who’s name deserves no mention.

  3. A principal motivation, if not the motivation, behind the Oklahoma City bombing was anti-government passion, the fervent belief that government is the enemy. That sentiment is still virulent today, despite all that government does to make our collective lives better. Today, at one of Joplin’s busiest intersections, we saw a half-dozen men holding up signs asking for support to eliminate the Bureau of Land Management. No secret there as to their feelings about government in general or about public lands specifically. If they had their way, Yellowstone and Yosemite would soon become fenced pastures.

    God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools. — John Muir

  4. Thanks for posting the ribbon– next Sunday is the OKC Marathon, the Run to Remember. i will be walking the half again this year & the organizers post banners in memory of each of the 168 who perished along the routes. Thousands participate… really is simultaneously a fun and reflective morning.

    • No thanks needed. It’s personal. OKC is my hometown. Have fun at the run. Sounds like a great event. Too bad it was instituted after I moved away and decades after my running days.

"Nothing is more dangerous than ignorance and intolerance armed with power." ~ Voltaire

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