The Abbey Road medley (vocals only) is back

Some of you may remember last October I posted a video from the Beatles — a vocals-only medley from Abbey Road. And within hours it had been taken down and most of you never got a chance to hear it. A DMCA takedown notice intervened.

Well, it’s back. I don’t know when or why, but it is. So if you want to hear the masters’ voices without benefit of music, check it out. Those guys didn’t need music.

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  1. It’s largely the reason they were so popular – they had real music in their heads and hearts, and could sing in perfect tune. Real musos, in fact. Of course, their extraordinary composing talents helped … and I suppose the fact that they were so damned CUTE did, too. 🙂

  2. WOW – can you imagine. A musical group that can actually sing.
    (Thanks for the update!)

  3. I wanted to keep clicking on the “like” button, over and over and over!

  4. There’s a Firefox extension call Download YouTube Videos as MP4 that makes a download option show up under most YouTube videos, so you can download it before it disappears again. I only do it for a few that I really want.


  1. Yes, I reread my old posts « Pied Type

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