More live webcams in Estes Park

Screenshot from camera at The Shirt Rack on Elkhorn Avenue, Estes Park, CO. Click for current live view.
Screenshot from camera on Elkhorn Avenue, Estes Park, CO. Here you are looking west toward the main intersection in town, about two blocks farther down.

This is a screenshot grabbed from one of Eric Calkins’ two new live Estes Park webcams. They are located on Elkhorn Avenue, Estes Park’s main street. That’s Bond Park across the street.

Busy, isn’t it? This is not atypical traffic for a brilliant summer day in Estes (at 7,500 ft., “bright” is always “brilliant”), although the impending holiday weekend may also be a factor. Much as I love this town and the adjoining Rocky Mountain National Park, I avoid them like the plague on holidays and weekends.

In other exciting webcam action, I watched four hikers trek over the ridge north near the TundraCam.

Wow, I really need to get a life …

7 thoughts on “More live webcams in Estes Park

  1. Holiday weekend or non-holiday weekend, I leave it all to the masses and I board up for the duration myself. I come out of my little hole after they have all gone back to their weekly exercise wheel routines. That’s one of the perks of being retired! 🙂

    1. I spent many vacations in a rented cabin in Estes, right in the middle of all the summer and early autumn chaos. Believe me, I appreciate being retired and now living just 90 minutes away. I can go whenever I want, which is rarely during the summer.

  2. Webcams are the only sensible way to travel on holidays! Like the area, but not sure I’d be able to tolerate the summers….it’s bad enough here with the tourists and it’s not near the mob that Estes sees for the fireworks

    1. The only thing worse than Estes in the summer is Estes in the summer on a weekend, topped in turn by Estes in the summer on a holiday weekend. I found years ago that it’s much nicer to go after Labor Day, in September and October.

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