Call me Icarus

I came across this picture while looking for pictures of cats with curly whiskers. It seems my son’s new kitten is developing curly whiskers and I was trying to imagine what that might look like.

My first thought was that some quiller had been practicing on this poor kitty’s whiskers, perhaps just to create a funny photo. But no, it turns out this little guy was rescued from a burning building.

The image was posted on Imgur two years ago, and the comments that follow are worth reading. Some examples:

“Lives left = 8”
“Retrocat regrets ’80s perm”
“‘That did not go as planned'”
“Looks like a french cartoon villain. Zut Alors!”
“The most interesting cat in the world.”
“Hipster kitty?”
“Hercule Purrot”
“Multiple handle bar mustaches…engage monocle!”
“‘I’ll be damned if that beautician gets a tip!'”
“Am I the only who thinks this cat looks like Captain Hook?”


13 thoughts on “Call me Icarus

    1. If he were mine to adopt, I’d go with Icarus. I think. Hercule Purrot is great too. It would require some thought. He deserves a very special name.

  1. I thought the name should be Hello Dali…or is that too real, sir?

    [I’ve always wanted to name a cat the sound that a can opener makes, since that always brings ’em running. I just can’t figure out how to spell it!]

    1. Hello Dali would be cute! Too real not a problem. The hard part is figuring out what the cat thinks his or her name is. (And no, I don’t know how to spell that can opener sound either.)

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