There is beauty in this world

This is too beautiful not to share, although you may be one of more than 4 million who’ve already seen it. We’ve all seen morphing, age-progressing photo sequences, but this progression is the work of a very talented artist. Of course, I may be biased because at one point it looks very much like my granddaughter.

Thanks to Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By.

12 thoughts on “There is beauty in this world

      1. I did, too– almost like “Circle of Life” from The Lion King, both the movie and Broadway show had me bawling.

  1. i have never seen such as this. I want to know who stole my kleenex box. Please return as I need them back. Thank You for this I “needed” to see the beauty today.. Mary from Alabama A lurker of yours…

  2. Awesome! I must share this with my wife.

    This reminds me that beauty is a human trait subject to evolutionary development. I think that the symmetry and features we find most pleasing are still evolving and converging on an ideal. I think it’s no accident that female features are more child-like than male features. Also significant: without aging the evolutionary process wouldn’t work.

    1. Certainly not me. I’ve watched it start to finish maybe four times now. I still get a little misty eyed at the end but I’m absolutely fascinated by the artist’s skill and beautiful images.

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