There is beauty in this world

This is too beautiful not to share, although you may be one of more than 4 million who’ve already seen it. We’ve all seen morphing, age-progressing photo sequences, but this progression is the work of a very talented artist. Of course, I may be biased because at one point it looks very much like my granddaughter.

Thanks to Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By.

Categories: art/design, video content

12 replies

  1. Such talent. Loved the transitions- very neat post!

  2. i have never seen such as this. I want to know who stole my kleenex box. Please return as I need them back. Thank You for this I “needed” to see the beauty today.. Mary from Alabama A lurker of yours…

  3. Awesome! I must share this with my wife.

    This reminds me that beauty is a human trait subject to evolutionary development. I think that the symmetry and features we find most pleasing are still evolving and converging on an ideal. I think it’s no accident that female features are more child-like than male features. Also significant: without aging the evolutionary process wouldn’t work.

  4. Such a cutie – who could resist a second look?

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