Is this a gray wolf?

17 thoughts on “Is this a gray wolf?”

      1. I’m certainly no expert. The only coyotes I’ve seen in the wild always look like starving dogs, although I’ll admit the coloring and markings are similar. The experts seem pretty sure it’s a wolf — if not a gray wolf from up north then the more rare Mexican gray wolf. I’m hoping for the former.

    1. Not sure how a husky mix would end up with a radio collar, if that’s what it the collar is. Definitely hope they get that sample and it proves to be a wolf.

      1. I didn’t look at the picture too closely, but that collar looked an awfully like the shock collar I used to use on my dog. Just saying.

        I, too, hope it is a wolf.

    1. I love my own domesticated canine, too. But in the wilderness, I want wolves. I want to know they are there because they belong there; we are only visitors.

  1. It would be great, in my view, for wolves to re-establish themselves throughout the Rockies. I supported wolves as an option for elk reduction in RMNP, but the winning option was for shooting them “culling” stealthily so the visitors don’t see the carnage, etc. Just another way for rich hunters to kill a trophy set of antlers. (insert disgusted sigh) My worries are for the wolves… as in the WY code that wolves in predator zones can be shot on sight. Sure that CO, NM, AZ are no better. Yes they are predators, but people are the intruders, not the carnivores forced to live in ever-shrinking habitats. RMNP and the other remaining designated parks and wilderness lands need diverse natural predation vs man. (another sigh) Have yet to see a wolf in the wild; love the rescues, but they aren’t wild and free. My fingers are crossed for them!

    1. I, too, support wolves in RMNP. I’d very much like to see them there (or have them there even if I don’t actually see them). Letting hunters cull the elk herds when tourists aren’t around is just another way for hunters to get their jollies (I don’t care if they donate the meat or not). Wolves could and should be doing the culling. That’s nature’s way.

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