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I want the home attached to this webcam


Screenshot, 10:30 am this morning

Obviously I spend too much time with my computer and not enough in the high country. But I do love webcams for the mountain views they provide. And I’ve just discovered another one (already added to my faves in the footer). It’s part of a personal weather station in Nederland, Colo. (16 miles west of Boulder), and has a great view to the west or southwest (sorry, I can’t identify the peaks). As part of a personal weather station, this camera is no doubt situated on private property, where the homeowner has this view all the time. I’m so envious …


    • It’s farther west than my brother’s house, but a little lower. He’s at about 8,000 ft. but doesn’t have a view this spectacular. Yes, the wind can get pretty wicked, but my brother has never complained. The webcam place appears to be in a pricey subdivision on a ridge (aptly named Hurricane Hill) overlooking Nederland. Lots of money has moved there because of the views. If I could afford a place like that, I don’t think I’d let the wind bother me.

        • Yep. I played one of his time lapse videos of the 24 hours including when the front came in. There was a very brief flash of spectacular sunrise color on those peaks before the clouds rolled in. Breathtaking. Literally. I tried several times to freeze it and get a better look, but it was too quick. I imagine sitting up there sipping my morning coffee and watching scenes like that unfold across my entire horizon … and then there would be the sunsets …
          Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong, not managing to get my piece of that scenery …

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