Here it comes!

Denver, 9 am this morning. About 62° F. Clouds mark leading edge of incoming cold front.

This, folks, is the incoming winter blast the weather dudes have been talking about for at least a week. I hope everyone has pulled their long johns and union suits out of storage because they’re about to become essential again. What a tease Mother Nature is, giving Denver a week of high 60s and yesterday at my house, 72°. We couldn’t have just eased into this?

But it’s magnificent, too. Nature on a grand scale. We are just ants, privileged to have a front row seat as she drops the curtain on autumn.

The scene above looks like this from a satellite:


Pretty cool, huh? (No pun intended.)

Well, okay, both screenshots were taken at 9 am. It is now 9:53 and the clouds are overhead. The wind has picked up to gusts that are stripping the trees. My outside thermometer said 62° earlier today, and now that the front has arrived, that will be the day’s high. By midnight it will have dropped to 20°.

Uh, it’s 10:11 am and my thermometer now says 42°…

… 10:30 and 39°…


24 thoughts on “Here it comes!

  1. Good grief PT, it really does seem too early for this crap. There was a big “Sandy-like” storm heading up the northern pacific coast lake week. I wonder if this system is related to that somehow? At any rate, my morning news said a big drop in temperatures and “a few flurries” is all we’re likely to get from this thing here, though he did joke about “the guys across the street” over-hyping what’s coming. Take care my friend! O_o

    1. It’s really not too early for colder weather here. The warmth this late has been abnormal. But I do think this is an overly dramatic entrance for winter. Nature can be such a drama queen! We’re due for lots of cold, but not much snow (flurries, accumulations of 1″-3″ in some places). Or so they say. We’ll see.

      I saw one report last week that said yes, blame that Pacific storm. It’s pushing the jet stream out of its normal position and causing it to dip much farther south than it would otherwise.

  2. Dang!! Winter has to get an early start just like holiday shopping. Big differences in webcam views, too- passhouse was dark & flurries with the early shot, noon is snow accumulating and no visibility. Put on a pot of chili, grab a mug of something hot & get the afghans ready! Mak is correct, this was last week’s typhoon in the Aleutians, but hit a remote area used to brutal storms, so nothing to report. I am so not ready for another nasty winter. But would still jump at the chance to be up high through a winter… totally inconsistent!

    1. It’s so much fun to watch on the webcams when weather is coming in. When I grabbed the shots above, the webcams in the mountains were already socked in, and since then the ceiling has lowered and enveloped many of them. By the way, I wrote to the TundraCam people about not being able to access their camera. They replied, saying they were moving the server and it should be back up in a few days. I hope so. Several times in the past when it’s gone off, it’s been off for many months.

      Don’t think I’ve got any chili on hand (so shortsighted of me), but do have some hearty soup. I should have stocked up when I was out yesterday, but it was so pretty I just focused on playing Ingress.

  3. A couple of questions PT, What are long johns and union suits, and when you say 20° is that Fahrenheit and if so is that 12 BELOW FREEZING point: , 20° is quite pleasant for autumn.

    If that’s Denver looks like a nice town I believe my first wife and eldest son lived there for a while.

    1. The temp is Fahrenheit (see the thermometer in the footer for the current temp in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade. Yes, it’s below freezing now, and snowing lightly.

      Union suits and long johns are old-fashioned forms of long underwear.

      Yes, that’s downtown Denver, viewable any time on the webcam listed in the footer.

      1. Thats amazing how can I get one of thos thermometer things just to make y’all jealous? As for long johns I’ll gladly give those a miss. -6° C ? You have to be kidding me, it’s not even halfway through autumn yet! I’ve never seen it that cold ever!

  4. I’ve been catching your temp drops during the day – we’ve got about 24 hrs before it hits here. Frost almost to the coast before Thanksgiving? Been a while for that. Hey, all you newcomers that have arrived here – stop with the wishing for a White Christmas!

    1. I’ve seen a couple of temperature drops like this over the years (all in Okla.), where the bottom drops out in just a couple of hours. This one is as sharp as any of those, and the first one I could actually see coming. Fascinating, really. By the time it gets to you, it should have mellowed considerably. I hope. Maybe just a nice cooldown?

      1. Houston is expecting frost and freeze probably Friday morning. I’m ignoring that – it’s too early to wrap up the baby palms! (gut it up plants. You’re on your own. Survive of get mulched)
        OK does get the big drops in temps like that, too. …but usually not so early! Stay warm

      1. Actually I didn’t get it going PT somehow I hit a button and a WP expert came on asking if I needed help I told him and he did it for me, now all I need to do is get him to add some webcams for me :PWish I could get it all set up at the botto like you have, your’s is really first class.

      2. You have a magic button if you got personal WP help like that. I’ve no idea how to do that.

        For the webcams, the first thing you have to do is locate some webcams you like! If you’ve already spotted some worthy webcams, I can probably talk you through setting up the widget.

      3. I’ve often had their help; I’ll try and work out what I do to get it and let you know, they are very good and very quick as you saw with that widget they put on my page.

      4. It’s not that hard. I cheat of course because I can’t remember all the necessary coding. Open a new post page. On the visual editing page, enter and arrange your webcam names the way you want them, adding the link for each. Then go over to the text edit page, copy everything there, and paste it into a text widget.

  5. Did you get much snow up there? We’re to far to the southwest. Been sunny and high around 70, actually for quite some time. I will say, this has been one of the most beautiful autumns I’ve ever experienced. Nice cool nights, comfortably warm days…. My favorite time of year here.

    1. Spectacular fall here but it really crashed yesterday when the front came in. Less than an inch of snow so far but more forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Supposed to be below zero tonight and only up to 9° tomorrow.

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