Pro-lifers take over former Planned Parenthood building

8 thoughts on “Pro-lifers take over former Planned Parenthood building”

  1. Is there anybody in Texas with any sort of a brain? These people have no qualms about killing predominantly black men in Huntsville, with a few whites and maybe the occasional female thrown in to show they are not prejudiced against the blacks yet they scream bloody blue murder at abortion,

    They are a state of ignorant hypocries from where I’m sitting.

    They are a blight on the United States of America!

    Now I’m in trouble, an outsider voicing such an opinion.

    1. Several of my readers are Texans and don’t agree with the ultra conservatives who currently run that state. They are more than capable of defending themselves here if they wish to do so. I’ll just say you can’t generalize about a state that large. And here, of course, I’m only talking about one organization.

      1. With all due respects to you PT the size of the state is irrellevant, it’s the determination of the inhabitants of such states to do what is right.(and as an aside I knew the owner of a cattle station in Western Australia whose property was actually bigger than the state of Texas). It appears to me and I believe most aliens (thats foreigners like me) that Texas is a very backward (for want of a better word that might be more insulting) ruled by uneducated right wing religious zealots! (hows that for fron a foreigner). President Geo W Bush was known throughout the European community as “The Executioner” are they wrong I think not!

        Texas I feel is a backward holier than thou state of hypocrites and if as you say there are people who do not agree when are they going to stand up and make themselves heard? I shall not hold my breath I hold out not much hope for Texas, or Texans, I do like New Yorkers Bostonians Cheeseheads et al but I have no respect for them.

        When you think that I’m a Yankee lover because I do like and enjoy our relationship you must wonder at the criticisms that I keep throwing up. I’d dearly love one more visit to the US of A before I turn my toes upin the not to distant future :'(

      2. I only meant to point out that not all Texans are ultra conservative wingnuts. They just happen to be in the majority and control the government. Moderates will have to get enough votes to kick out the conservatives if there’s to be any change, and that hasn’t happened for quite a few years.

  2. As a resident of the state of Texas, I have to admit to somewhat agreeing with Lord. He might also take some solace in knowing that (from personal knowledge) I also know that all Aussies aren’t myopic bigots.

  3. Disgusting tactics by a bunch of misguided lifers. The big question is why ultra-conservatives spend so much energy trying to foist their beliefs on everyone else. Incidentally, I believe Austin, Texas, has a deserved reputation as a liberal community. There just aren’t enough Austins in the state to balance the whacko enclaves..

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