Let it snow … or not


WordPress has turned on its annual snowfall and it will be available until January 4. To turn the snow on or off on your blog, go to Dashboard > Settings > General and scroll to the last item on the page. Check or uncheck the box: “Snow — Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th.”


  1. The snowkitty made me laugh! You find the best illustrative photos. Didn’t think about WP having any fun options… but we get enough real snow that computer snow isn’t all that appealing here, either. Warm, sandy beaches & sparkling blue ocean waves, maybe 🌴

    1. He made me smile too. Kitties do that to me. As for the snow, well, we need the moisture, and I’m not a fan of beaches. Besides, ocean waves in Denver would be seriously bad … o_O

      1. Oops, you’ve got that right. If Denver had ocean waves lapping at the Capitol steps, the freshwater supply crisis would no longer be a concern; you would rival Seattle for views of both mountains and sea, and my home would be a boat of some sort! I much prefer mountains to beaches, but do like warm & comfy (not oppressively hot & humid) more than snowyfreezingicyblowingshivering… unless granted my wish of a winter at the Passhouse!

        1. Ah, you raise another issue. Ocean waves here would be worse than useless since they’d be saltwater. We need more fresh water, as with snow. But do enjoy your beach if you get the chance.

    1. No, no, I love it, actually, and I had it on when I first published this post. It made the kitties extra cute. I turned it off today for the Orion post because I didn’t want it spoiling that spectacular photo. That’s the problem with my mixed content. I love it with less serious posts but feel it detracts from serious posts.

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